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    204110 - Aqua Zumba

    If you like Zumba and you enjoy the water then Aqua Zumba is for you! An exciting and easy way to work out by your-self or with some friends on a warm summer evening! Please advise prior to program if you will need transportation; bus space is limited.

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    Read Notice204110-0114 years and UpAqua Zumba07/13/17 - 08/03/17 4:45P - 6:00PThJuniper Swim & Fitness Center$50/$60Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204140 - Walking and Jogging Club

    Grab your walking shoes and join us for fitness walks and/or jogs around the park trails.

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    Read Notice204140-0114 years and UpWalking and Jogging07/11/17 - 08/01/17 4:15P - 5:45PTuNorton Avenue Apts$50/$60Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204314 - Blueberry Excursion

    Summertime is the season for blueberries. Join us on a blueberry picking excursion. On Saturday, we will travel to Mckenzie Farms to pick berries and have a picnic. On Monday evening, we'll make delicious dishes with our fresh blueberries..

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    Add to Cart204314-0118 years and UpBlueberry Excursion07/22/17 - 07/24/17VariesVariesVaries$100/$120Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204316 - BBQ Made Easy

    Learn the basics of barbequeing on the grill. We will make delicious main courses on the grill with yummy salads and veggies for side dishes.

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    Read Notice204316-0114 years and UpBBQ MAde Easy07/12/17 - 08/02/17 4:30P - 6:30PWHollinshead Barn$75/$90Item DetailsUnavailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204421 - Sand and Rock Art

    Come discover how to create art projects using sand and rocks. Projects may include: sand candles, painting with sand, rock pictues, and more.

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    Read Notice204421-0114 years and UpSand and Rock Art07/12/17 - 08/02/17 6:30P - 8:00PWHollinshead Barn$75/$90Item DetailsUnavailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204511 - Summer Dance

    204511 - Summer Dance

    Swing into summer with our annual summer dance! The festivities will begin with a scrumptious barbeque and continue into the night with dancing to some rockin' tunes!

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    Add to Cart204511-0118 years and UpSwingin' Summer Danc08/18/17 - 08/18/17 6:00P - 9:00PFHollinshead Barn$25/$30Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204514 - Bend Elks Baseball Game

    Join us for an evening of Bend Elks baseball. Come cheer for our local baseball team as they take on their next opponent.

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    Add to Cart204514-0116 years and UpBend Elks BBall Game08/04/17 - 08/04/17 6:00P - 9:30PFNorton Avenue Apts$20/$24Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204515 - Munch and Music

    Bring your best dance moves as we enjoy an evening of music and food at Drake Park!

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    Add to Cart204515-0116 years and UpMunch and Music08/10/17 - 08/10/17 6:00P - 9:00PThNorton Avenue Apts$25/$30Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204601 - Oregon Coast Trip

    This year's annual beach trip we will be headed to Devil's Lake State Park. You'll get to spend two nights in yurts camping, eat delious seafood, hiking trails in the coastal mountains, and playing on the beach. What a fun 2 days! This trip is very active and participants MUST be able to walk 2-3 miles unassisted up and down uneven terrain.

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    Add to Cart204601-0118 years and UpOregon Coast Trip09/16/17 - 09/18/1710:00A - 4:00PM, Sa, SuNorton Avenue Apts$325/$375Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?
    Add to Cart204601-0218 years and UpOregon Coast Trip09/16/17 - 09/18/1710:00A - 4:00PM, Sa, SuNorton Avenue Apts$340/$390Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204611 - Summer Campout

    Pack your sleeping bag, camera, hiking shoes for the annual campout! We are headed to the Columbia River Gorge. Days will be spent exploring waterfalls inthe area and short hkes. Evenings will be spent telling stories around the campfire, playing games, and roasting marshmallows. This trip is a low key campout. Those with some limited mobility are encouraged to register.

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    Add to Cart204611-0118 years and UpSummer Campout08/11/17 - 08/13/17 2:00P - 1:00PF-SuNorton Avenue Apts$250/$300Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204702 - Saturday Adventures

    Enjoy at day of sun, kayaking or paddle boarding, swimming, and hiking. This is an active trip to the lake.

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    Add to Cart204702-0216 years and UpDay at the Lake08/05/17 - 08/05/17 9:00A - 4:00PSaNorton Avenue Apts$50/$60Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204703 - River Float

    Grab your float, sunscreen, and water bottle as we drift down the river though town! (Float provided if needed.)

          Cart IconActivityAgesDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status      Wishlist
    Add to Cart204703-0116 years and UpRiver Float08/08/17 - 08/08/17 2:00P - 5:00PTuNorton Avenue Apts$25/$30Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    204705 - McKenzie Mayhem

    Get ready for an exciting day of rafting! Grab your swimsuit, pack a lunch and get ready to cool down on the beautiful McKenzie River. We encourage friends, siblings, and parents to join us on this inclusive voyage. Space is limited so don't miss the boat...literally! Participants must be able to perform or provide for their own personal care. A caregiver may attend at no charge with advanced notice.

          Cart IconActivityAgesDescriptionDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Single Icon      Status      Wishlist
    Add to Cart204705-0116 years and UpMcKenzie Mayhem07/29/17 - 07/29/17 8:00A - 5:00PSaNorton Avenue Apts$75/$90Item DetailsWaitlistAdd/Remove from Wishlist?
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