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    107530 - Rock Climb

    107530 - Rock Climb

    Shake off the winter blues and get out in the sun to enjoy early spring. Half-day Intro Rock Climb teaches beginning climbing skills for novice climbers on the security of the rock wall at the Pavilion. Or make it a full day of climbing and exploring at Smith Rock State Park which includes some hiking and boulder scrambling. All skill levels welcome. Equipment provided.

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    Read Notice107530-S110 years to under 15 yearsHalf Day Rock Climb04/11/18 - 04/11/18 8:30A - 12:00PWHarmon Park$30/$36Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available
    Read Notice107530-S210 years to under 15 yearsFull Day Rock Climb04/13/18 - 04/13/18 8:30A - 3:30PFHarmon Park$50/$60Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available

    107710 - Youth Archery

    Learn the 10,000 year-old art of bows and arrows. A fun morning that emphasizes shooting safety and developing basic archery skills using recurve bows on an outdoor range outside of Tumalo. No previous experience necessary, but all skill levels welcome. All archery equipment is provided. Dress for weather conditions. Sign up for Cave Exploration in the afternoon to make a full day of it.
    *This Archery program is OUTDOORS. Please be sure to dress for current weather conditions when class meets.

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    Add to Cart107710-S110 years to 15 yearsYouth Archery04/12/18 - 04/12/18 8:30A - 12:00PThHarmon Park$30/$36Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    107718 - Demolition Derby

    Ever wonder how things are put together? Learn how things are assembled by taking them apart, dismantling and demolishing while we use hand tools and logic to ďde-engineer" common household objects by pulling out the screws, removing the covers, unwinding the electricals and seeing just what's inside. Who knows what will rise from the destruction?

    Hand tools provided. Please send your child with a pair of garden or light work gloves that fit their hands.

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    Read Notice107718-S29 years to under 14 yearsDemolition Party03/26/18 - 03/26/18 1:30P - 3:30PMHarmon Park$25/$30Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available
    Read Notice107718-S39 years to under 14 yearsDemolition Party04/12/18 - 04/12/18 1:30P - 3:30PThHarmon Park$25/$30Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available

    107720 - Drone Zone

    Rad! Quadcopter flight school for the novice flyer! Learn the basics of flying a quadcopter using remote controls, including flying level, hovering, turning and navigating around a gym. Learn what your quad can do. Then use your new skills to fly your drone through an obstacle course and maybe even race other pilots! At the end, you get to take your drone home with you.

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    Read Notice107720-S29 years to under 14 yearsDrone Zone03/30/18 - 03/30/18 1:30P - 3:30PFEnsworth Elem$60/$72Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available

    107901 - Kids-On-The-Move

    Grades 1-5: Join your friends for some active play and outdoor adventures that will get your heart pumping! Each day after school, the focus will be on fun, fitness and nutrition! Most activities will be outdoors so dress appropriately. A partnership program of BPRD with the Children's Forest of Central Oregon and Mosaic Medical Group.

    Meets at:
    Lava Ridge Elementary Mondays 3:30-5:00pm and Wednesdays 2:00-4:30pm
    Ensworth Elementary Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:00pm

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    Read Notice107901-S16 years to 11 yearsKOTM at Lava Ridge03/12/18 - 05/30/18 3:30P - 5:00PM, WLava Ridge Elem$0Item DetailsFullNo Wishlist available
    Add to Cart107901-S26 years to 11 yearsKOTM at Ensworth03/13/18 - 05/31/18 3:30P - 5:00PTu, ThEnsworth Elem$0Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    107920 - PADI Discover SCUBA

    Got a sense of adventure? Come learn what itís like to breathe underwater with Fins Scuba & Water Sports of Bend. This introductory class will let you try scuba to see if you like it before you decide to commit to a PADI Open Water Certification program. Learn what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it. Find out what itís like to breathe underwater as you learn basic skills and safety rules to carry over to your scuba certification course should you take the next step. Parents may sign up with children if they wish to make it a family adventure, though not required. All equipment and workbook provided. Some independent workbook study required prior to start of class. Please register at least seven days prior to class session.

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    Add to Cart107920-C110 years and UpPADI Discover SCUBA03/03/18 - 03/03/18 9:00A - 12:00PSaJuniper Swim & Fitness Center$99/$119Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?
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