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    311200 - Wacky Clay Works

    Build your own chia pets, bobble heads and more in this fun and creative clay class. Hand building techniques will be taught to create your own crazy clay creatures. Instructor: Amanda Krammes

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    Add to Cart311200-026 years to under 10 yearsWacky Clay Works12/05/17 - 12/14/17 4:00P - 5:30PTu, ThArt Station$69/$83Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    311204 - Slab Lab

    Learn new techniques in clay using the slab roller. Create unique textures and designs on slabs using delicate fabric and other objects. Turn your decorated slab into a beautiful wall hanging for flowers, bird seed or anything you can imagine. Instructor: Amanda Krammes

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    Read Notice311204-027 years to under 14 yearsSlab Lab11/28/17 - 11/28/17 4:00P - 6:30PTuArt Station$28/$34Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available

    311245 - Play With Your Food

    Create works of art by playing with your food and be inspired by the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo! "Paint" with different fruits and vegetables and explore the different shapes and textures this creates. Compose a 3D work of art using only edible elements, which we will photograph and draw. Learn to think creatively and be able to design using objects that are not ordinarily used in a work of art. Instructor: Kathy Schoderbek

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    Add to Cart311245-019 years to under 13 yearsPlay With Your Food11/29/17 - 12/13/17 2:30P - 4:30PWArt Station$68/$82Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    311246 - DIY Doll Accessories

    311246 - DIY Doll Accessories

    Bring your favorite doll for a few fun-filled days of arts and crafts! We will be creating items just for your doll including pretend food, clothes, sleeping bags/pillows and more! Itís a time to create and play with others who love their dolls, too! Ideally this would be for the very popular 18 inch dolls (American Girl or Our Generation Girl) but can be adapted for other kinds/sizes. Instructor: Jessica Dawley

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    Add to Cart311246-016 years to under 11 yearsDIY Doll Accessories12/07/17 - 12/21/17 3:45P - 5:45PThArt Station$76/$91Item DetailsAvailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?

    311250 - Artist Elements

    Artist Elements- Artist Elements classes are designed to strengthen art skills and an appreciation for art. Participants will learn about art fundamentals, terms and techniques to improve art skills and develop creativity.

    From Your Perspective
    Learn how artists make flat images look 3 dimensional. Explore linear perspective, shading and shadows, color values, and atmospheric effects. You will experiment with a variety of drawing media on various surfaces exploring form and space. (No program Oct.18) Instructor: Sue Wilhem

    Your Eye May Fool You
    Learn about Op Art and optical illusions and make artwork that appears to shake, shimmy and shift. Using rulers, compasses, and geometric shapes, students will manipulate elements of design (line, shape, space, and color) to create the illusion of movement and depth in their artwork while creating patterns that appear to warp or vibrate.Instructor: Kathy Schoderbek

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    Read Notice311250-036 years to under 11 yearsFrom Your Perspective10/30/17 - 12/11/17 4:15P - 6:15PMArt Station$119/$143Item DetailsUnavailableAdd/Remove from Wishlist?
    Read Notice311250-049 years to under 13 yearsYour Eye May Fool You11/28/17 - 12/19/17 4:00P - 6:00PTuArt Station$75/$90Item DetailsCancelledNo Wishlist available
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